Port Elizabeth People's

Observatory Society

Port Elizabeth is on the brink of losing its historic telescope.

It has been serving the Port Elizabeth public since 1948. Giving young and old the first oportunity to see, in real life, the rings of Saturn or the craters of the moon.

History of the observatory, by E. M. Suter

Sadly, the interest in the observatory has faded, especially since the sudden death of a senior member, and the remaining core committee members have decided among themselves to sell the telescope.

Sign up as a member so as to show your support and interest. With enough members we can reverse the decision to sell the historic telescope to an overseas collector.

Join the campaign to keep the telescope in Port Elizabeth now!

If the telescope is sold, it will be a permanent loss of this historic asset. But if that does happen then we need to have a say about how the money raised (if any) is spent.

A recent photograph of the historic telescope

Let's keep this large antique refractor in Port Elizabeth!